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So... time for a little update.

Maybe you feel im disappeared, but im not. Im just not very active on Deviantart, for some reason. But:
I restarted my comic project, you can check out on: You can find all of the information about the comic there.
Or you can follow me on my instagram (not any personal life shit, just art), i will mbe more active there :…

Other stuff, if you are interested to follow me, and know things about me --->

My twitter:
The instagram for the Dreamwalkercomic (just comic related stuff):…;
My Gumroad  
My Youtube Channel

If you just wanna support me, because you love what im doing, or why not, then click here:

If you are interesting in commissions, you should follow me on twitter or instagram, because i will announce the slots there. If you have any question, pls do not send note here, because i rarely check this page. Contact me on the social sites or email:

xoxo J
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